Thursday, January 26, 2012

Woodcocks at Mason Farm

At dusk last night my sister and I went down to Mason Farm to see if the woodcocks (photos above and below taken last spring at Magee Marsh, Ohio) were out. We arrived about 6 PM, and as we walked down the grassy roadway to get to the open fields we heard several birds still calling, including woodcocks. We had a few fly bys as we made our way down to the open area. By the time we reached the intended spot it was quite dark with only a new moon to light up the evening. Sure enough a woodcock landed about 50 feet away and began to call. I had charged my spotlight before coming out, but quickly discovered that since it had not been charged in a very long time that the charge was short lived. Opposite us an equal distance from the bird were 2 other birders with a flashlight which they would occasionally shine on the woodcock. Since our light was kaput, after squinting thru our binos for about 10 minutes, we headed on back home.

I am off tomorrow at the crack of dawn to fly to Arizona to meet up with 4 other birding friends. Our first stop tomorrow afternoon will be near Lake Havasu City to look for the Nutting's flycatcher that has been up visiting for a few weeks from Mexico. From there we will all drive into California to look for a falcated duck that has been hanging out for several weeks at Colusa NWR. Stay tuned!

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