Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Pribs--Days 16 to 18

There really is not anything exciting to add about the past 3 days as the birding has slowed down dramatically with a change in the weather and the winds.  This afternoon the 2nd ABA tour sponsored group will be flying back to Anchorage.  Among those leaving are Neil Hayward who will be meeting up with Jay Lehman in Anchorage, and then flying up to Barrow with him in search of Ross's and ivory gulls.  Neil did quite well in his time here this past week, but I will not further comment on his birds until he has a chance to post on his own blog.

During my stay we have had our share of rainbows (photo taken by Laura), but today on our way back to lunch the trip bottomed out with a blow out on our bus.  We slowly drove the last mile to the airport to leave our wounded beast of burden.  There was a second bus parked there that almost did not start, but finally did.  I chose not to go to lunch, but will be here at the King Eider Hotel/airport when they all return to catch their flight.

No matter the highs or lows the past 2+ weeks, the one thing that is never very far away is seeing a seal.  The one below probably reflects the sentiment of some on the bus after a couple of very uninspiring days of birding when the tire blew out (photo taken by Laura--click on any photo to enlarge).

I will be here until Friday with 7 other veteran birders.  It appears that the next big storm will not arrive here until Saturday, but the winds are going to be coming out of the west again before it arrives, so who knows what final birding highlights I might be reporting.  Stay tuned!

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