Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22--Great Gray Owl (not)

Once again the great gray owl eluded us today. Northern hawk owls we continued to find, but the great gray was nowhere to be found this day. Nor as it turned out was the black-backed woodpecker, or the bohemian waxwing--both specialties of the far north. But all was not for nought in our birding journeys today. My friend and I did discover 4 northern shrikes, and 1 glaucous gull--both new for the year. Overall we had 19 species for the 1st day of the new week. And we still have tomorrow!

We also found the grill pictured above. I decided it was the appropriate photo for today because we probably would have had a better meal cooked on it in the middle of the snowy field than we have had so far at several food establishments we have tried here in the northlands of Minnesota. Tomorrow night we will be in Minneapolis to see my daughter and to eat at a fusion restaurant she knows about. Hopefully we will find something to rave about food wise there. Stay tuned!


  1. Ha! You do have a sense of humor! I was admiring the photo looking for a bird posed somewhere near or upon the grill. It is a great shot, good composition. xox

  2. Great picture, I have never seen anything like it!!!! Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your quest.