Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29--Beautiful Arizona

One reason I am in Arizona in January is because I love birding here. I find the desert/mountain areas in southeast Arizona to be one of my favorite places to spend time hiking and birding. Plus for a birder this area has so many birds to look at, including a regular dose of rarities. The rarity of the moment is the rufous backed robin, which unfortunately eluded me again today. Nevertheless, I had a good time birding.

One of my favorite birds is the loggerhead shrike (see above), and there were many out hunting today. I found 58 birds to start this 1st day of the new week. 8 of these were also new birds for the year, so now the YTD count is at 235. Tomorrow I try again for the robin, and get to eat pizza at one of the very best pizza places in the country--Pizzeria Bianco. Stay tuned!

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