Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34--Salton Sea, California

I had a very enjoyable morning birding around the southern end of the Salton Sea. The highlight was seeing the sun begin to shine upon a huge flock of ross's geese. This goose is found in the west and looks like a small snow goose at a distance. But thru binoculars you can see the bird is a bit smaller and most importantly its bill is smaller and a different color than the snow goose. As it flew by, the immature bald eagle above sent the entire flock of several hundred geese up into the air. Check out the beak on that baby!

Since I am back in the Phoenix area tonite, I went for an encore meal at Pizzeria Bianco. This time instead of getting there at 4 PM, I showed up about 5:30 and put my name on the list for a 7:30 slot. I checked into my motel, began this post, and then headed back for dinner. Sure enough, I sat down about 7:30 at the bar. I was served by the same wait person that has been at Pizzeria Bianco every time I have visited. He told me he has worked there ever since it opened 10 years ago. I ordered the margarita pizza with the prosciutto di Parma layered on top after the pizza has been cooked. I left a very satisfied customer.

The birding for the day added 18 more birds for the week, and 6 more birds for the year, bringing the YTD number to 261. Tomorrow I am birding back down in the Tucson area. Stay tuned!

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