Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 38--Tropical Parula

Birding this AM in the McAllen area took me again to the Frontera Audubon site first where there was no roadside hawk sightings, but I did get a fine look at a tropical parula. Where I live in North Carolina, the northern parula breeds on my land, but the tropical parula is only seen occasionally down here each winter in south Texas. The bird was not close enough to get a picture, but I did take the above pictures of 3 inca doves with a white-tipped dove, and 4 plain chachalacas--all species common here in south Texas.

I spent the rest of the morning wandering around Santa Ana Nat'l Wildlife Refuge in hopes of finding a hook-billed kite. This is a bird unique to a small stretch of the Rio Grande River. A very few birds move up and down a 20-30 mile stretch of the river, and they are not easy to find. I will try again tomorrow morning before I head home. So the day added 10 new birds for this week, plus 2 new birds for the year. Tomorrow I will be looking for another rarity that showed up here in the last week--the crimson-collared grosbeak. Stay tuned?

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