Thursday, July 1, 2010

Black Swifts Redux

I traveled today from Durango back up to the Grand Junction area. It was mostly about magnificent mountain scenery. I did stop at Ouray to check out the black swifts that nest there. The top photo above is of the sculpted rocks and water rushing below the swifts nest site at Box Canyon SP located on the edge of Ouray. The middle photo is of a black swift egg that was just laid today in a nest that was not occupied by a bird to keep it warm. The bottom photo is of a black swift on a different nest incubating its egg (remember to click on the photo to enlarge it). This species only lays one egg which is one reason it is not very common. It also generally nests behind large waterfalls for protection, but that is not the case at Box Canyon where instead it nests near a waterfall.

Today is the end of week #26, and the swift was the only new bird seen today for the week. Tomorrow I will be looking for chukars near Grand Junction early in the day before making the drive up to the Grand Tetons. Stay tuned!

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