Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Day in South Texas for 2010?

I was out about 6:30 this morning even though I knew the weather was going to continue to suck. I checked Chihuahua Woods again in hopes of better looks at a hook-billed kite, but instead I just mostly fended off swarms of mosquitoes. Then I went over to Santa Ana again to see what might be about. I was particularly looking for northern beardless tyrannulets that are at the refuge.

It was overcast because tropical storm Bonnie is coming into shore today down by Brownsville. There was also some breeze, so overall it was tolerable. I did not hear or see any tyrannulets, but there were plenty of other birds about. The photos above are of (top) golden-fronted woodpecker, and (bottom) yellow-billed cuckoo (left side) and white-winged dove (2 on right side). I posted these because they are common birds here in the valley in the summer. Remember to click on the photos to enlarge.

The clouds got thicker and it began to spit, so I headed back to my car. I stopped for breakfast tacos on the way to the motel, and now I am getting this post in before I go to the airport for my flights back to Utah--hopefully not to return to south Texas again in 2010. I added 4 more new birds on this last day of week #27. There is also an updated travel map at the top. Tomorrow I will be driving over to Elko, NV to search for a himalayan snowcock. Stay tuned!

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