Monday, July 26, 2010

Off to the West Coast Again

Just wanted to do a short post before flying off tomorrow morning to Seattle. There is an updated travel map above. One of the commentors recently asked about what to expect in the big year going forward since so many birds are already "in the books". In general during the big year I have not provided any long term scheduling info partly because I want it to be something readers look forward to finding out about by checking the blog; and also because there are occasional changes in the original schedule that I developed for the big year.

I can say at this point that the next 2 months is mostly about pelagic trips off the west coast, plus 3 days of pelagics off the east coast. The next 3 weeks will also include some southern California and Arizona land birding, plus another try for the snowcock in Nevada. If the birding goes well, I should arrive back on the east coast in early October with as many as 675 birds seen YTD. From there on the only birds left to find are winter birds that I missed back in January and February, and any vagrants that might show up during the fall migration cycle. Stay tuned!

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